The re-design and refurbishment of an existing restaurant, to create a contemporary bar/restaurant the refurbishment included new ceilings with LED illuminated features, stainless steel dressed staircase and wood veneered illuminated bar.


This facility enables our clients to preview the refurbishment prior to commencement.

Office REfurbishmenT

We specialise in completely refurbishing any office, including installing network infrastructures, full Cat5e and Cat6 wiring as well as complete re-decoration. Our Office Refurbishment service offers modernisation to your office building to keep your employees engaged and your clients impressed.



As members of Certified International Systems (ISO9001). We are here to provide our customers with a standard of workmanship of the highest level. Believing that customer input throughout the refurbishment, leads to a finished project that is both practical and creative.


In the following example we have created a totally bespoke upholstered dining area, the walls and rolled seating are upholstered in the same fabric creating a warm inviting atmosphere, this was created in an area our client previously found difficult to seat customers, now his customers specifically ask to book this area.


Custom built furniture and work stations to make the most of every square millimetre of the space that you have. Also, we offer custom designed communal kitchen areas.